increase the impact of your research activities with functional and attractive designs
promote your research ideas on the web and increase the chances to get your funding
take the control of your web-site and manage the contents yourself
add sophisticated applications to your site: conferences, blogs, CVs, publications and more

factory of science


factory of science is an initiative of a group of scientific researchers experts in web programming aimed at providing web-based solutions to research laboratories and institutions.

factory of science is your on-line marketing partner. we understand your needs and are ready to put your ideas into real web pages.


why us?

our services cover all your scientific research needs in the web:

  • Website development
  • Social Networking (facebook, twitter, RSS)
  • Modern and attractive designs
  • Web-based Applications
  • Conferences & Meetings organization
  • 100% Satisfaction

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in the news
Factory of Science developed the
Functional and Structural Genomics at SISSA PhD program web site.
A personalized Web Design has been implemented. A user-friendly back-office allows an easy update of the contents by the Faculty staff.
Factory of Science developed the
CPMD Meeting 2011 conference web site.
A personalized Web Design has been implemented, together with a Google Documents ® based Registrations Application.
Social Networks
Quick Services
  • Professional Web Design
  • Ecommerce Websites
  • Website Maintenance
  • Social Networking
  • Conferences and Meetings
  • Web-based Applications
  • Adobe Flash
  • Search Engine Submission